2013 - 2017 Game Design BA

2016           20 week internship @ A4VR, Düsseldorf

Hi !

My name is Felix Oesinghaus and I'm a 3D Artist living in Berlin, where I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin) majoring in Game Design.

While my main focus lies on creating 3D assets & materials I also work on creating the general look and feel of the game and whatever that encompasses e.g. particles, lighting, level art, postprocessing effects etc.

I'm eager to explore different art styles and collaborate with talented artists as well as exchange ideas with all departments.

Obviously games are a major passion of mine but I also take interest in illustration, photography, architecture, fashion and music.

contact: felix.oesinghaus@gmail.com

Skills :

- Blender (low+high poly modeling, UVs, rigging, baking)

- Zbrush (high poly sculpting)

- Substance Painter/Designer (texture painting,  procedural textures)

- Photoshop (texturing, painting)

- Unreal Engine 4 (advanced knowledge of Material Editor, Particle system, lighting, some blueprint experience)

- Level optimization (modular assets, LOD Meshes, light map baking, minimizing texture count & size)